An important strand of EVERYDAY FUTURES is the public programme.  This  includes test walks, oral histories, film screenings, fanzine making workshops, field trips & archive sessions. Join us for some, or all to, join in with the conversation and follow the processes as they unfold.

The work is being informed and shaped by key themes that both Egbert Smart and Verity-Jane Keefe touch upon in their respective photography, research and art practice: Public life, Public Sector, The Municipal, Libraries, Museums, Industry, Everyday, Politics, Housing; past, present, future: art, research & heritage.

The public programme will directly help shape the work produced – Maps, Audio Guides and more – will be exhibited as part of a touring exhibition that will be an addition to The Mobile Museum’s expanding collection, and will be accessioned to the borough’s archives and will be distributed locally and made available online.

Three photo-books are also being produced by Verity featuring photos from the Egbert E. Smart archive alongside those taken by Verity over the past 13 years of working in the borough.

Keep an eye on the JOURNAL page of this website,where documentation and ephemera from each workshop will be published alongside notes on the processes as the work develops.

Details of times and dates of the public programme can be seen on the left hand side, with further information below on each strand:


Afternoons of looking through selected images from the Egbert E.Smart Archive that have been selected by artist Verity-Jane Keefe. These will be “mapped” onto the borough – an outline of which will be taped onto the floor.

Come and share memories prompted by the photographs, talk to Verity and the borough archivisit Karen Rushton about the project and more.  Includes a visit to the archives to look through the Egbert Smart Albums.


A series of field trips to test other walking routes and audio guides, selected by Veriity-Jane Keefe as a way to suggest alternative ways of developing a traditional device, often used in a heritage context.

The first Field Trip will see us do an artist produced audio guide and walk that starts at Whitechapel Gallery.Janet Cardiff’s The Missing Voice (Case Study B) was commissioned by Artangel as part of Inner City in 1999.

The second Field Trip will see us walk half of the Curiocity: E – Escaping London walk, produced in partnership with the National Trust. The whole walk is 13 miles long (brilliant in it’s entirety). For this walk we will naviagate half of the route, from Blackheath Station to William Morris’ beautiful Red House where we’ll have tea before heading off home.


We will be walking, photographing, collecting & talking across six areas within the borough. These areas have been chosen based upon their individual characters, existing work carried out with The Mobile Museum and Egbert E Smart’s photographs. The areas cover all corners of the borough, but the final walks and accompanying audio guides will only take in a slice of each. These are not Heritage walks and guides as you know them – they take heritage as being both 300 years ago and 300 minutes ago, taking in the formal, informal, folkloric, mythologised and local myths to construct a multi layered journey through the borough. Allowing residents the opportunity to become tourists in the place that they live, and visitors a unique glimmer of the everyday brilliance of this ever-changing corner of Outer London.

Taking Egbert Smart, Verity’s research and test walks as a starting point, we will walk through the six character areas, talking through places of interest, possible additions and amendments, testing the route Verity has developed, what it is to be a tourist and explorer where we live, interrogate what heritage is and could be, how do we make visible the often invisible and more.

We will walk for approximately 4/5 miles – if people would like to join for a section, or drop off earlier, this is totally fine – just let Verity know and we’ll make a plan.


As part of the project, films from the Dagenham Co-operative Film Society have been digitised, made between the 1950’s and 60’s.  Egbert Smart was an active member of the society.  The screenings will show these films alongside short films made by Verity-Jane Keefe within the borough from the last decade, with conversation, music & more.